Manufacturing & Distribution

In this economy, manufacturing and distribution companies face greater challenges and uncertainties than ever before.  Growing foreign competition; rising labor costs; tighter environmental regulations; increasing costs of healthcare, energy, and raw materials; tightening credit markets; and uncertainties in future demand have combined to create a challenging operational environment.

At KMJ, we believe in turning challenges into opportunities.  We provide specialized tax and accounting services tailored to meet the demands of today’s economy. We have been helping our manufacturing and distribution clients identify and capitalize on opportunities, even in difficult economic conditions.  Whether it’s income tax planning, inventory management, or valuable business credits, we offer ideas and solutions that help our clients prosper in these difficult times.

We also understand the role of business in the lives of our clients. Most of our manufacturing and distribution clients are closely held businesses, so business decisions can have a direct and profound impact on personal well-being. We help our clients consider business and personal factors, focusing on maintaining continuity of business and growth and preservation of personal wealth.

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