Your mission.  Our passion.  More than ever before, Not-for-Profit organizations must be run like a for-profit enterprise.  Facing rising operational costs and reduced funding sources, NFPs need to be more innovative in collaborative arrangements between the public and private sectors and in improving the delivery of their services.  Against this backdrop, increased regulations and increased demand for transparency continue to require more productivity of its workforce.  KMJ’s experience with NFP organizations allows us to provide you with innovative solutions that address those concerns and meet the needs of your organization.

KMJ has a thorough understanding of the important factors that determine the success of nonprofit organizations—funding from federal and state agencies as well as individual and corporate donations. These factors not only determine how successful your organization will be, but can also indicate your ability to grow and continue to serve the needs of the NFP community.

Tax reporting requirements for not-for-profit organizations are consistently changing. Our tax personnel are fully aware of and knowledgeable in the new IRS reporting requirements of Form 990. They have attended numerous conferences on the complexities of the new reporting requirements. We will help you stay abreast of these changes and how they impact your organization.

In addition to basic audit and tax services, we provide close out grant audit and single audit services to organizations receiving federal and state grants. We serve a broad spectrum of organizations including:

  • Charitable organizations
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Foundations
  • Membership organizations
  • Economic development organizations
  • Human services organizations 

We are members of the Governmental Audit Quality Control Center of the AICPA, which is an agency that monitors the quality of governmental audits including single audits, which demonstrates our commitment to quality and provides us access to best practice information for the benefit of our clients.

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